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Aside from being creepy, pests also have the ability to alter the smell of your home to make it even less accommodating. Whether it is just a normal smell they secrete or the smell they make as they decay in your walls, 3 common pests can cause a real stink for homeowners. If something smells a little “off” around your home, one of these pests may very well be the culprit.


By far the worst offender, rodents that have died in your walls can lead to a very unpleasant smell that isn’t easily forgotten. This smell is attributed to a mix of sulfur, methane and other gases that are produced when the tissues of the mouse begins to decompose. Unfortunately, it’s not exclusive to a single type of rodent and can happen with both rats or mice that die in hiding.


Large numbers of cockroaches are known to produce a musty odor that gets worse as the infestation progresses; however, even a single German cockroach is capable of producing this unmistakable smell on its own. Like rodents, as cockroaches begin to decompose, they secrete Oleic acid which can linger for a time after a cockroach infestation has been eliminated.

Stink Bugs

Particularly troublesome in the spring as temperatures begin to warm, stink bugs that have overwintered in your walls can begin letting off an unpleasant smell both live or dead. This defense mechanism is typically used to deter would-be predators but injured or decaying stink bugs can also let out this terrible smell. If overwintering stink bugs begin to emerge in your home this spring, don’t smash them. Instead, transfer them outside with a vacuum cleaner or dustpan.

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