As Memorial Day quickly approaches and our spring days continue to get warmer, many homeowners and community centers are preparing to open their pool for the season. While fun in the sun can be a great way to unwind and have fun with your friends and family, nothing can spoil it quicker than unwelcome bugs that want to join in. Keep these 3 tips in mind when opening your pool or maintaining it this season to keep bugs out of your pool!

Maintain Chemical Treatments

Stagnant water that has pooled around your home will make an excellent breeding ground for mosquitoes. Unfortunately, untreated pool water can also become a safe haven for these bloodsucking pests. By maintaining the chemical balance in your pool and keeping it properly chlorinated, you will not only limit the number of bugs showing up but kill any that venture in.

Run Your Skimmer

In Oklahoma, it can be hard to keep falling leaves or other debris from finding its way into your pool. This means that your skimmer and filter will inevitably be working overtime to keep your pool clean. As these are running, make sure you are regularly emptying the skimmer basket to keep bugs and leaves from flowing back into the water due to overflow or a filter shutoff that triggers from a timer.

Cover Your Pool

Pool covers are an excellent way to keep unwanted bugs and trash from finding their way into the water. In some cases, it can also make your pool warmer and limit that first cold dip that requires you to gradually adjust to the water. It is important to note, however, putting a cover on a large pool can be incredibly difficult depending on the one you have. So, try to find an appropriate, easy-to-use solution.

We hope this information helps you better prevent bug infestations this summer and keeps your home free from any type of pest all year long. And if you see these tiny pests—or any others—in your home, give us a call or visit our website to get started on your free, no-obligation evaluation. We’ll create a custom pest control plan to get rid of all your pest problems in no time! You can call our trained pest control experts at any time with questions about pest control methods or pest prevention techniques. You can also find us on TwitterFacebookand Google+ for more pest prevention tips and tricks.

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