Here in Oklahoma, homeowners can find themselves with an ant problem in the fall just as easily as in the spring and summer. We tend to notice an influx of ants coming into homes when the weather changes. So, with temperatures dropping over the past week, we thought now would be a good time to give everyone some tips on what can be done to prevent ants from invading homes this fall.

  1. Contain Food and Trash

All people food and pet food needs to be stored in a sealed container. Sometimes ants will find their way into mason jars, so try to keep food stored in an airtight container if you can. A lot of people keep fruits and vegetables out on the counter where ants can easily get to. It’s best to keep all of your produce in the refrigerator or freezer, but if you must keep it out for ripening, then try a hanging basket. Ants are less likely to get at those. Another common vulnerable place are trashcans and recycling bins. Try to use tight-fitting lids there and if you can, store them inside your cabinets.

  1. Do a Thorough Cleaning

Everyone’s heard of Spring Cleaning but sometimes Fall Cleaning gets neglected with school starting and the holidays just around the corner. Doing a thorough cleaning just before the temperatures start to drop is one of the best ways to keep ants out of your home. Be especially vigilant when cleaning the kitchen. We like to do its cleanup in this order: Dust everything first, then clean out the upper cabinets, wipe down the countertops including under appliances, thoroughly clean the stove top including under any grates or knobs, next clean out the bottom cabinets, and finish off with sweeping and mopping the floors.

  1. Inspect and Seal All Entry Points in Home’s Exterior

This one shouldn’t be too hard or unpleasant now that the temperature outside is more reasonable. Get outdoors and walk around the perimeter of your home. Scour the exterior of your entire home looking for any foundation cracks, gaps in bricks or planks, and tiny crevices around windows or doors. If you’ve had any past insect activity coming from a known spot in your home, then you know a weak point in your home’s exterior is nearby. Once you’ve located all of the possible entry points, then seal them up using caulking or sealant or weatherstripping.

  1. Trim Plants Away From Home

Plants that grow beside your home and touch the exterior are like little bridges to ants giving them easy access. We recommend that you keep a distance of about a foot to a foot and a half between your plants and the walls or roof of your home. Also make sure that mulch, firewood, grass, leaves or other clutter isn’t up against your home’s foundation.

  1. Get Regular Pest Control Inspections and General Overall Pest Protection

We strongly believe that pest control works best when it goes hand-in-hand with a homeowner’s own pest prevention and vice versa. The pest control experts from Arrow Exterminators even offer a free professional home inspection to get you started.

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