Oklahoma business owners are probably aware of the harm that American cockroach infestations can cause. These dirty pests are among the most prolific and hardy species of cockroaches worldwide, making them a hard pest to deal with. Fortunately, your business can be safe with pest control and prevention services from Arrow Exterminators.

It is important to remember that these pests can contaminate food or food serving surfaces. They have been shown to carry a wide variety of diseases including salmonella, E. coli and other human pathogens. For these reasons alone, extermination is an absolute necessity.

The sight of a cockroach is repulsive to both employees and patrons of a business, particularly in the food service industry. Unfortunately, these pests are consistently seeking out food and water, making restaurants and food preparation centers especially vulnerable to population explosions. These methods can help limit the risk of American Cockroach infestation at your business.

Proper Sanitation

Like most other pests, the American Cockroach requires three necessities for life. These factors include water, food and safe shelter. In order to prevent or eradicate an infestation, proper sanitation methods must be followed. This includes discarding old food properly, fixing any leaks that may be present and removing hiding spots, like cardboard boxes.

Limit Entry

American Cockroaches can enter even the smallest cracks of your Oklahoma business. For this reason, proper exclusion methods must be in place to avoid potential infestation. Ensure any cracks have been filled with caulk. Mesh screens can also be used on windows, drains and ventilation to limit hiding spots for these pests.


American Cockroaches can be incredibly difficult to get rid of without professional help. Arrow Exterminators can provide pest control and eradication services, as well as continued treatments to ensure the problem doesn’t return. If you are interested, please contact us as soon as possible to ensure your business doesn’t suffer and the problem doesn’t become worse.

If you are dealing with a mosquito problem at your home or business, give us a call at 1 (800) 390-8626 to start a no-obligation termite evaluation. The talented technicians at Arrow Exterminators can identify any type of pest and the best course of treatment to get rid of it. We’ll create a custom pest control plan to make sure we eliminate every single one from your home and keep them away for good!

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