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Do Bed Bug Bites Itch?

A person could not realize they have a bed bug infestation, because they don’t experience any of the symptoms that are associated with them. But for the most part, if your home is infested you’ll likely experience the red, inflamed marks that come with their bites. The typical side effects of bed bug bites include: 

  • Itchiness
  • Redness
  • Swelling 
  • Tenderness
Do bed bug bites itch in Broken Arrow OK |  Arrow Exterminators, Inc

Bed Bug Symptoms

You won’t notice a bed bug bite as soon as it happens, since bed bugs inject an anesthetic and anticoagulant into their hosts as they feed. The easily recognized red and swollen bite mark will only form a few hours or days after the initial bite. Symptoms vary from person to person. Some people have no symptoms. Many people have skin irritation. A small number of people may have serious allergic reactions requiring medical attention. If you think you may be having an allergic reaction to a bed bug bite, contact a medical professional.

How Long do Bed Bug Bites Last?

Different people have differing responses to bed bug bites, but typically bed bug bites can heal within a week or two. If you want them gone as quickly as possible, the best thing you can do is resist the urge to scratch and leave them alone. Some individuals might experience an allergic reaction, the severity of which may require medical treatment.

Should You Scratch a Bed Bug Bite?

As a general rule of thumb, you shouldn’t scratch any insect bite – itchy as they may be. It might feel good in the moment, but indulging in this temptation will only make you more uncomfortable. It can slow down the healing process, worsen the bite, or even reopen new and more serious wounds. Itching a bed bug bite can, in serious cases, cause an infection that results in fever and lymph node swelling. If you experience any of this, or symptoms of a similar severity, you should always seek medical attention.

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