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Bed Bug Identification

The average bed bug is an oval-shaped insect about the size of an apple seed. They’re colored reddish-brown, but appear even more red and engorged after a blood meal. The eggs they lay are white and oblong, and about 1mm long.

You can find bed bugs in infested mattresses, but that’s not the only place they hide. They might also gather in baseboards, upholstered couches, behind power outlets and picture frames – even in the cracks and crevices along your walls!

Have you noticed small reddish-brown spots on your bedding, or itchy red bumps along your skin? These are two of the biggest signs of a bed bug infestation. Learn what else to look out for here!

Bed bugs can easily move by hitching a ride on suitcases, used furniture, and even unwitting humans! We can tell you how to stop the spread, whether you’re a family on vacation or a youth coming home from school.

Is that bug a relatively harmless carpet beetle or a parasitic bed bug? Find out how to tell these similar looking bugs apart.

Bed bugs are parasitic, which means they feed off a host. The bites they leave aren’t painful, but they can result in itchy red bumps on your legs and arms for a few days afterwards.

It’s easy to confuse a bed bug bite with a variety of other types of skin irritation. Bed bugs typically leave a swollen bump with a bright red center. In certain cases their bites may also form an irritated rash or welt.

Bed bugs are considered to have one of the itchiest and most irritating bites of all pests. It may be tempting to scratch a bed bug bite, but doing so will only slow the healing process and ultimately make the bite worse.

While they’re certainly a major nuisance pest, bed bugs are not considered to be dangerous. They don’t transmit disease like mosquitos, and they aren’t known for causing structural damage like termites.

Bed bugs have not been found to transmit diseases through their bites. However, they can carry several pathogens on the surface of their bodies.

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