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Bed Bugs Spreading in Broken Arrow OK

Out of all the pests in Broken Arrow OK, bed bugs are some of the worst. They can spread through a property, and even to adjacent properties, quicker than you’d expect. Their mode of travel? Anything from purses to luggage, to infested furniture – new or used. If you’re a college student returning home, or a traveler heading back from an infested hotel, you run the risk of introducing a bedbug infestation into your home. Luckily, Arrow Exterminators, Inc. is here to help with bed bug control services you can count on!

How do bed bugs spread in Broken Arrow OK |  Arrow Exterminators, Inc

Do Bed Bugs Jump or Fly?

Bed bugs don’t have wings, rendering them unable to fly. They can’t even jump a fraction of a flea’s leaping distance. Instead they’re known for hiding a majority of the time, only coming out of their hiding space at night to crawl, feed on a nearby host, and crawl back to their little nook or cranny. If that’s the case, what about bed bugs makes them such a notorious pest for homeowners and exterminators alike?

How Quickly Do Bed Bugs Spread?

If bed bugs cannot fly like termites or jump long distances like fleas, how do they spread from place to place? This is most often done through catching a ride on purses, suitcases, backpacks and luggage. It’s why so many infestations come from travel – either during vacation, or even just adult children coming home from college. And once they’ve established themselves in your home they can be expert hiders and even more notoriously rapid breeders. That’s why it’s so important to catch them early.

When to Treat Bed Bug Infestations

Bed bugs, as a species, do not like heat. Because of that they don’t tend to latch onto humans for any longer than it takes to feed off them. So you don’t need to worry about them being transmitted from one person to another. What they can do, however, is travel on suitcases, purses, and inside furniture pieces. In that way it’s very easy for a bed bug infestation to spread throughout buildings, which makes it all the more crucial to work with a professional like the team at Arrow Exterminators.

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