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What Kinds of Diseases Can You Get From Bed Bugs?

Good news: bed bugs themselves are not known for spreading diseases. But that doesn’t mean they can’t cause their fair share of trouble. While there have been no reported cases of these parasitic pests transmitting diseases to humans, they can still carry disease-causing organisms on their bodies. 

If you look online you’ll find a lot of misinformation about the major diseases bed bugs can cause. You’ll find there is no substantial evidence of bed bugs spreading:

  • Chagas disease
  • Leprosy 
  • Q-Fever
  • Sores or Brucellosis 
What kinds of diseases can you get from bed bugs in Broken Arrow OK |  Arrow Exterminators, Inc

Can Bed Bugs Carry Disease?

While a bed bug bite cannot spread disease, bed bugs themselves carry more than 45 bacteria, viruses, protozoa and more. Luckily, these microbes do not reproduce or multiply in or on their parasitic hosts. And, as of now, none of these toxic pathogens are known to have been transmitted to humans by bed bugs.

Bed Bug Health Risks

Just because you aren’t likely to catch a dangerous disease from bed bugs doesn’t mean an infestation doesn’t pose risks. While some may react with commonplace irritation when faced with a bed bug bite, if the bump is scratched or irritated it may result in blister-like welts. You even run the risk of secondary skin infections. There are also potential complications if the person bitten has certain allergic reaction. If your symptoms become serious you should seek medical attention. 

The Danger of Bed Bugs in Broken Arrow OK

When it comes to bed bugs, the one thing you likely won’t have to worry about is them transmitting any diseases. Still, an infestation of the pests could result in itchy bites, loss of sleep, and quite a bit of stress and frustration. That’s why the bed bug exterminators at Arrow Exterminators, Inc. fight to keep all homes in Broken Arrow OK free of bed bugs, so you and the people in your house are free to rest easy!

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