Varied carpet beetle

If you have ever lived in a home with carpeting, you likely have had a run in with the varied carpet beetle. In some cases, homeowners may never know they are there but they are very common in larval form. While in larval form and in small numbers the varied carpet beetle poses no noticeable risk, infestation level populations can be difficult to control.

When in large groups, the adult carpet beetle can be found flying near lights sources or crawling a variety of different surfaces. In larval form, large populations have the ability to chew their way through a variety of materials, often causing noticeable damage while leaving behind shed skin flakes. Because property damage is possible with infestation levels, homeowners should diligently work to control carpet beetle populations.

Carpet Beetle Control

Though it is unlikely that homeowners can eradicate every carpet beetle that finds its way into a home, controlling populations is possible. Though populations usually peak during the summer months after migrating indoors from gardens, activity may still be witnessed throughout the winter. These simple steps can help minimize the carpet beetle populations within the home and decrease the risk of infestation.


Because this pest is primarily housed within carpets and furniture when found indoors, vacuuming regularly can help control the populations. This is especially true for removing the larval populations that may be growing. Items that are found and are washable should be washed in hot water to help remove the attached carpet beetles.

Boric Acid

Boric acid has been widely used in pest control situations because of its low toxicity risk to humans and pets. However, boric acid can attach to carpet beetles and other pests and kill them upon ingestion making it very effective. Spread boric acid in areas likely to be infested with carpet beetles to help control populations before vacuuming.

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