Years of turf traffic, foraging critters like moles and gophers, summer heat/winter cold, lawn clippings and thatch can wreak havoc on your turf. We offer core aeration that will remove small plugs of soil–as opposed to many other companies that simply spike into the ground. The type of aeration equipment used is very important and can determine how effective the treatment will be. In general, turf responds best with core holes that are close and deep. Our equipment uses hollow tines that remove soil cores allowing oxygen, water and nutrients to more efficiently reach the grass roots, resulting in stronger roots, fewer pest and disease problems, less soil compaction, thatch breakdown and an overall lusher, greener lawn!

Signs that your lawn is in need of aeration include poor drainage after a heavy rain, brown areas or if the grass looks dehydrated, it is not getting sufficient water and likely needs aeration.

We can also enhance aeration with overseeding to thicken turf and fend off weeds. (**Overseeding is not included in the price of a lawn plan or aeration service)

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