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Holidays are typically a busy time filled with wonderful treats and indoor gatherings. Our warm indoor environments become beacons to many pests. Nothing spoils a good time like finding uninvited creepy crawlies flying or scurrying about. Fortunately, our ongoing professional pest services reduce the likelihood of pest attacks. There are also a few things you can do to help.

Stored food attracts many pests, including flour beetles and moths. Bags and boxes that are old, or opened and left to sit, are especially prone to infestation. Rotate your food so that older containers are consumed first. Don’t be tempted to buy large containers of food that are going to sit around for a long time. Be sure to seal well all containers that have been opened, or place the contents in plastic or glass containers.

Insects live in fresh Christmas trees, including aphids, spiders, beetles, and various other pests. These pests may have been inactive on the tree, but once they are brought into a warm room, they will start crawling or flying about. Spraying the tree with a strong jet of water before you bring it indoors is a good way of dislodging pests living there.

Before you bring firewood indoors, look it over to make sure pests aren’t hiding in it. Like pests in Christmas trees, they’ll become active if brought indoors. Shake or sweep them off outside.

Finally, keep a clean kitchen and dispose of kitchen garbage regularly to avoid attracting ants, cockroaches, and other hungry pests.

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