If you have taken a walk around your yard recently, you likely have run into a garden spider or its web. Throughout the summer, many spiders will hide until they are large enough to start crafting their webs quickly to obtain the food sources needed to lay their eggs. However, it is unlikely that these spiders you see outside are going to enter your home for shelter.

Most people believe that spiders overwinter during the fall like boxelder bugs or stink bugs. In reality, most spider species have adapted to living outside, in sometimes uncomfortable temperatures, over time. To achieve this, spiders possess a sort of “anti-freeze” that allows them to continue functioning and killing other cold-blooded creatures.

That’s not to say that outdoor spiders can’t become an unwelcome visitor in your home during the colder months. If they are unable to find food or water sources due to freezing, they may investigate your home for sustenance, but are unlikely to nest there. However, there are some spider species that have adapted to indoor conditions.

Unlike outdoor spiders, there are several species of house spiders that thrive in indoor settings. In most cases, these spiders have likely been inside your home prior to this point, but their breeding habits may make them seem more prolific during the fall. As the weather starts to cool down, these spiders will be on the lookout for a potential mate, making them more visible around your home.

Effective Spider Control and Prevention

Controlling the spider populations in your home requires diligent pest control to ensure their food and water sources are kept as limited as possible. This can be achieved by following standard exclusionary pest control strategies, including sealing cracks and crevices that may allow other pests that spiders feed on from finding their way inside. Limiting the amount of food available to these spiders makes them less likely to stay or thrive in your home.

Arrow Exterminators for Spider Control in Tulsa and OKC

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