Many pests begin looking for a suitable place to spend the winter as the weather starts to change this time of year. Unfortunately, homes and other buildings are common overwintering places for these unwanted “visitors,” and their visit often ends being an extended stay.

People are often surprised by the huge numbers and variety of pests that invade in the fall. They include well known fall invaders like boxelder bugs, crickets, ants, cockroaches, cluster flies, mites, wasp queens, beetles, and rats, mice, and wild animals, as well as many newer pests such as multicolored Asian lady beetles, brown marmorated stink bugs, Western conifer seed bugs, and newer species of invading ants, to name a few!

Normally, pests spend the winter in an old hollowed-out stump, space under bark or under leaf litter, or in an old rodent or another animal hole. A home that stays warm and dry even when the weather becomes harsh outdoors, or provides food, is highly attractive to pests.

Many of these pests will wake up and come out of the walls on unusually warm days from late fall to early spring. They can become quite a nuisance, stinking up the house, staining curtains, spoiling food, and causing other problems as they crawl and fly around indoors.

Fortunately, the ongoing maintenance service we provide helps keep these pests under control. If a few pests do make their way indoors, usually the quickest way to get rid of them is to either remove them by hand or vacuum them up.

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