German Cockroach

It’s not uncommon for many to suspect they need a roach exterminator when a strange bug is found in or around their home. While there are many insects that are confused with roaches, there are distinct similarities between them that can determine whether or not the insect in question is a cockroach species. Here are some common insects mistaken for roaches.

June Bugs

While many Oklahomans are familiar with the June bug, they are still among common insects mistaken for roaches. For a few weeks during the summer, June bugs will be plentiful, often flying into light sources. However, unlike cockroaches, June bugs can be identified by their round bodies, short legs and small antennae.

Water Bugs

Water bugs are often at the top of the list of common insects mistaken for roaches. While cockroaches will often be found in warm, moist areas they are not an aquatic insect like true water bugs including water striders, water scorpions and water boatmen. As true aquatic insects, water bugs will often use their legs as paddles or use the surface tension of water to stay afloat.


At first glance, it becomes fairly obvious why many homeowners or business owners would mistake the cricket for a cockroach species. However, unlike crickets, most cockroaches aren’t able to jump and rely on fast movements or flying in some species for transportation. Crickets will often be found in warm, moist areas that could serve as a nesting site for cockroaches as well.

Ground Beetles

There are over 2,000 species of ground beetles that have a wide variety of sizes and shapes. However, many of these common insects are mistaken for roaches due to their dark and shiny bodies. Many ground beetles can be found in your outdoor garden feeding on soft-bodied pests and are distinguishable from cockroaches because of their hardened front wings.

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