Fall is a surprisingly busy time for pests. A wide variety of pests start invading homes, looking for a place to spend the fall and winter.

Their instincts tell them it’s time to search for a dry, warm crevice or cavity. They are searching for loose bark to get under, or a hallowed out tree trunk, a wood or rock pile, or an old animal burrow. Unfortunately, our homes and other buildings often look to pests exactly like what they are searching for. They will crawl deep into cracks and holes in our foundations, walls and roofs, and around the edges of loose-fitting doors and windows. They are very persistent in searching until they find a crack or other opening to crawl into.

What happens next makes the problem ten times worse. As it gradually gets colder outside, and even on warmer days, the invaders crawl deeper into the home. It’s not only warmer indoors with central heating, but the room lights makes them think it’s spring and time to crawl towards the light and warmth. Eventually they pop out into our living areas and begin crawling or flying about—sometimes in large numbers.

Common pests that invade in the fall include the new stink bugs, Asian lady beetles, and seed bugs, assorted flies, beetles, ants, wasp queens, and clover mites. Bigger pests like mice, rats, and other animals also invade in the fall, seeking a warm, dry place with food.

Some fall invaders stink, stain, or sting, and some are just extremely annoying, causing problems for many months. Call us in late summer or early fall to schedule our special preventative treatments, and save yourself the trouble of serious problems with fall invaders.

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