The presence of a fly within a home can be a major nuisance. Flies are often cited as a dangerous pest because they breed, feed and exist around filth. As they begin to proliferate during the spring. Follow these tips to help control the fly populations within your home.

It is important to remember that flies are not harmless. This nuisance pest thrives in materials we would most likely love to avoid including garbage, decaying animals and manure. These problems alone can contribute to the contraction of diseases like dysentery and cause food poisoning.

Monitor Garbage Cans

Garbage cans in and around the home are often the most likely area to find maggots, or other larvae, that will eventually become an adult fly. Flies are attracted to odors that can be found in a trashcan such as rotting foods. It is important to keep your trash cans or garbage away from doors and clean them whenever possible.

Close Entry Points

Flies will often enter the home through open doors, windows or other cracks that may exist. If you are wanted to experience a breeze within the home, it is important to ensure you are utilizing a secure, undamaged screen. Replace weatherstripping on your doors if needed to help seal any other existing cracks.

Remove Pet Waste

Animal feces and waste are incredibly attractive to flies and their spawn. Flies will often breed and lay eggs on and around pet waste because of its moisture content. Clean any pet waste that may exist in your yard to make it less appealing to these pests.

Limit Moisture

Like mosquitos, flies require a moist area to lay their eggs. For this reason, it is extremely important to limit the amount of moisture used for indoor plants and requires adequate drainage to be in place. If plants remain moist for too long, gnats will begin to appear.

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