Bed bugs have made quite a name for themselves in recent years as they continue to expand their dominance over the United States and the state of Oklahoma. With these blood-sucking creepy crawlies popping up seemingly everywhere, it is likely that many homeowners or business owners may have a bed bug infestation and not even know it. While the presence of a live bed bug is a tale-tell sign of an infestation, there are a few other signs that can let you know if you have bed bugs.

Unexplained Bites

Bed bug bites are fairly indistinguishable from other bug bites, including mosquitoes. However, the reoccurrence of bites, particularly after periods of sleep, are a clue that you may be sharing your bed with some unwanted houseguests. Any exposed part of your skin while sleeping could potentially show the signs of a bed bug bite although not everyone bitten by these pests has visible symptoms.

Physical Evidence

Seeing a bed bug crawling around your mattress is one of the easiest ways to determine whether or not an infestation exists. However, bed bugs will also leave behind several other signs of their presence that alert you of a potential infestation. A few signs to look for include:

  • Skin Casts – Throughout the molting process, beg bugs will shed their exoskeleton or skin near their nesting site. Shed bed bug exoskeletons will be a clear color, making detailed searching necessary. In many cases, these skins will be found along mattress piping or the seams of a mattress.
  • Blood Stains – While you are sleeping, bed bugs will be drawn out by the carbon dioxide being released during your sleep cycle. During their exploration, some bed bugs may get crushed by your movement while sleeping. This will often leave behind a small blood spot on the mattress or sheets.
  • Feces – After feasting on blood, bed bugs will release digested blood that resembles smears and can range widely in color. Because the blood is digested and not fresh, it is not uncommon for it to appear dark brown or black, unlike the red color seen after crushing.

Why Arrow Exterminators for Bed Bug Control?

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