Although bedbugs are problems year-round, the warmer months from July to September are peak bedbug months, when these pests are multiplying faster and are more active and noticeable. Under ideal laboratory conditions bedbugs live an average of 6-12 months, although in the real world their average lifespan is probably shorter.

However, we have heard some people say they are going to “wait out” a bedbug infestation, hoping it will die out on its own if they simply take an extended vacation. This doesn’t work. While young bedbugs will die after a few weeks without a blood meal, adult and larger nymph bedbugs somehow seem to survive without a blood meal for a very long time. They have been shown to survive very well for over a year without feeding. Amazing!

So please be wary of used furniture, especially beds, bedside tables, couches, etc. that may have bedbugs hidden in them. Bedbug infestations don’t go away—they need to be professionally treated to eliminate the pests.

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