It is not uncommon for homeowners in Oklahoma to begin seeing the signs of moles around their property in the spring. During this time period, mole activity will generally be at its peak and trapping can usually remove any pregnant females that may be nearby. If you are seeing any of these signs of mole damages around your property, give the experts at Arrow Exterminators a call.

Surface Tunnels

Objects around your home such as the foundation, or poured concrete for a driveway or porch, can create barriers that are not easily passed by burrowing moles. In many cases, these surface tunnels will have a ridged appearance and are created as moles search for and feed on grubs. In most cases, these grubs will be found in moist soil which makes it more susceptible to mole damages.


Just one mole is capable of creating up to 100 molehills within the span of one month. If you have a large property that houses several moles, you can see how this can quickly disrupt the beauty of your landscaping. Molehills are created as an entry and exit point to end a tunnel and new molehills will typically mean that new tunnels are being created.

Soft Spots

As moles create tunnel systems underneath the ground, the displacement of soil begins to create soft spots that can cave in when pressure is applied to them. Not only is this annoying, it’s potentially dangerous when they cave in while you are walking. Soft spots on your ground can lead to injury but are a good indicator that moles are present.

Why Arrow Exterminators for Mole Control?

Moles can quickly turn a beautiful lawn into an eyesore, making early detection critical for homeowners to remove them as soon as possible. Arrow Exterminators has been eliminating pest moles all over Oklahoma since 1952 and can help identify the signs of their presence. We know mole control. If you are struggling with a mole problem at your home or business, give us a call at 1 (800) 390-8626 or visit contact us to start a no-obligation mole evaluation.

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