Rats and mice have been multiplying all year outdoors. They are fast breeders—in just 8 months, 24 mice can multiply into 2,000 mice!  As the weather gets colder this time of year, rodents are searching for a better place to nest and feed. Your home looks mighty good to them, so it’s wise to eliminate places where they may be coming in. An adult mouse can get through a hole as small as a dime to get into your home. A young mouse can get through an even smaller hole— just over ¼ inch in diameter. A young rat can get through an opening as small as a quarter. So eliminate all openings ¼ inch and larger, and you just may prevent hordes of rodents from coming indoors. One common way rodents get

indoors is through holes where pipes, TV, electrical, and phone lines pass through walls. They also come in through gaps around ventilation openings, clothes drier vents, and chimneys. Gaps under house and garage doors are common entry places.  Keep in mind that if you can fit a pencil under a door, a mouse can squeeze through that space. They enter through cracks and openings in brick and cement foundations as well. Seal all these gaps with caulking, cement, copper or steel wool, or metal plates. Check vent openings and replace any wire mesh that is broken. If rats or mice do get indoors, or you see signs of them outdoors, call us to get rid of these and other bothersome, damaging, and unhealthy pests.

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