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One common misconception is that fleas die off during the cold winter months. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Like most other insects, the flea will hibernate and its eggs will continue to thrive even in the coldest days of the season.

It is important to kill any flea eggs that may exist both outside and inside of your home. Though some flea life stages will likely die off during the coldest periods of winter, flea eggs are built to withstand the cold and hatch in the spring. When this flea hatches, it begins a new life cycle that compounds the problem.

If a pet is giving you signs that they may be carrying fleas during the winter, it is important to treat them with a natural flea medication as soon as possible. Some pet owners may also opt for a topical monthly treatment to help remedy the problem. However, it is important to note that all carpets, furniture and pet bedding will need to be treated as well.

To prevent flea eggs from hatching during the winter it is imperative that you treat your home’s yard prior to the arrival of spring temperatures. Once temperatures begin averaging around 65 degrees overnight, the existing flea eggs are likely already hatched. For this reason, it is important to treat prior to the arrival of spring.

Many pet owners will treat their yard with Permethrin, which can be used both indoors and outdoors. Any areas that your pet may utilize outside should receive special attention when treating the area with this insecticide. Sand and dirt patches are especially prone to flea infestation, even if your pets don’t spend time in these areas it is important to treat them just as they would any other areas of the yard.

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