The intense heat of the summer can cause many pests to come out in droves, sometimes inside of your home. Without the proper precautions and treatments in place, your home could become a virtual smorgasbord to some of summers most common pests. Here are some of the pests that you may find in and around your Oklahoma home this season:


Oklahoma residents are no stranger to a wide variety of ant species making their way into homes in search of food and water. One reason this activity picks up during the summer is that increased temperatures and lack of rain begin to make outdoor water sources scarce. This scenario, unfortunately, leads ants to make their way indoors to begin searching for a viable food and water source. Some species of ants in Oklahoma may actually colonize your walls to remain close to food sources.


Any time outdoors near sunset or at night in Oklahoma will provide a wide variety of sounds as certain pests become more active. The two most common sources of these sounds are cicadas and crickets. While cicadas will generally stay away from your home and prefer to stick to the trees, crickets can become a common problem as their population numbers begin to swell during this season. When house crickets begin to invade your home, their familiar chirp may start to drive you crazy.


The arrival of wasp nests around your home can be a pretty terrifying experience for many. The erratic flight patterns and the pain of a sting can often lead homeowners to take drastic measures to remove them from the property. Unlike bees, wasps are capable of stinging perceived threats multiple times. For this reason, instead of trying to remove large wasp nests alone, enlist the help of a pest control professional.


Oklahoma summers can often signal the arrival of many pest birds that will attempt to roost or nest on your property under the right conditions. This can ultimately lead to roof or structural damage, the presence of droppings and the introduction of parasites or small pests that hitchhike on them if proper precautions and deterrents aren’t in place. While they may be fun to watch at a bird bath or bird feeder, extended stays can often result in detrimental problems.

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