Over time, many different myths about the wide variety of bugs in the world have become more and more engrained into society. With the spread of the internet, myths have begun to have more staying power than the previously would have. Let’s look at some bug-related myths and the truth behind them.

Daddy Longlegs are Highly Poisonous

When you were young, you may have heard that daddy longlegs are one of the most poisonous insects in the world but their teeth are too small to puncture human skin. Mythbusters quickly determined this as false when the host Adam Savage allowed a daddy longlegs to bite him. Though it was able to penetrate the skin, nothing happened other than a slight burning sensation that disappeared after several seconds.

Humans Swallow Spiders During Sleep

It is believed that this story started as some sort of scare tactic and eventually grew into an unfounded truth. With every version of this story, individuals are told they swallow up to 15 spiders during their sleep annually. However, it has been established since that you are unlikely to swallow even one spider during sleep throughout your life.

Cockroach Egg Mouth Incubation

Over time a story about a post office worker cutting her tongue with an envelope and incubating a cockroach egg in the wound has grown in popularity. The urban legend purports that this cut implanted cockroach eggs into her tongue and started an incubation process. When the swelling became too much a doctor had to cut open the newly formed lump and a live cockroach appeared. Again, this is a myth.

Cockroaches Can’t Crawl Backwards

This myth evolved as a story involving a cockroach burrowing into a human ear and not being able to remove itself. Though a lot of insects are not adept at crawling backward, they are capable of doing so. This was demonstrated recently by placing a cockroach in a sealed tube and observing its behavior.

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