For a variety of reasons, many homes will experience increased pest problems during the holidays and the months ahead. Regular pest control is important during this time of the year because of the numerous pests that people encounter. Here are just a few of them.

Fall and winter invaders are pests that actively look for a warmer and drier place to spend the winter. A wide variety of insects invade in the fall and winter, plus rats, mice and other animals.

Holiday feast pests include ants, cockroaches, rats, mice, and other pests that feast on food leftovers from your holiday meals. Before the night is over, pick up food crumbs, cover and store leftovers, and empty indoor food waste cans. Clean the dishes, or simply leave them in the sink with soapy water.

Pests in holiday food gifts. It is surprising that food gift packs (dried fruits, crackers, etc.) are sometimes infested, or become infested, with beetles, moths, and other pests. Check these items, and don’t plan on storing them in your cupboards for long periods.

Pests from travels and overnight guests. Bed bugs can crawl into a suitcase, purse or pocket, and be transported to a new location. It is important that these pests be controlled by a professional — and sooner rather than later. Don’t give these pests a chance to spread!

Pests that live in firewood can be inadvertently brought indoors. Guard against this by inspecting the firewood first, and only bring in what you will burn within a day or two.

Christmas trees sometimes have aphids, beetles, spiders, and other pests in them. When the tree is brought in from the cold, these pests warm up and start crawling or flying about indoors.

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