A pile of bed bugs in the corner of a box spring.


Bed bugs are one of those pesky squatters we never want to encounter. Starting as a mild nuisance but growing into a serious problem over time, the best thing to do is catch them early. A bed bug infestation can have dire financial and health drawbacks. Bed bugs may be very small and sneaky but there are many signs to keep an eye on that can keep you from an itchy fate.

How To Identify a Bed Bug Infestation:

Bed bugs themselves may be sneaky, but they often leave a few signs behind like:

  1. Cast-off shells and fecal spotting.
  2. Blood stains on the mattress or blankets from bites.
  3. Itchy red bumps on the skin, roughly ½ an inch in diameter. 
  4. Noxious sweet odors.
  5. Live or dead insects. Adults are 4-7 mm in size, reddish brown with an oval seed like shape.

How Bed Bugs Infiltrate Your Home

You may be wondering how they managed to get a ride into your house. Unfortunately, they’re pests are voracious hitchhikers, finding any number of means to get to you. While traveling by road or air, staying in hotels or motels there are many vectors for them to find a way to come home with you.

  1. Grabbing a ride on fabric: From handbags to luggage and clothing, if you’re traveling so are bedbugs. They often hitch a ride while you’re out and about.
  2. Used furniture: It’s cheap for many reasons, and in many situations come with unwanted hitchhikers.
  3. Neighbors: If unable to find a ride, bedbugs can and will make their way to you. Neighboring apartments with an infestation are a common culprit as a source.

What to Do if You Have Bed Bugs:

If bed bugs are in your home, you’ll want to act quick to get rid of them. While we recommend a professional exterminator for the best results, here are some of the steps you can take to get rid of bed bugs on your own:

  • Seal contaminated objects in plastic in high heat for a long duration.
  • Steam your bedding/bed frame.
  • Wash and dry clothes on the highest temperature settings, keep them in the dryer longer than 45 minutes.

When You’re in Over Your Head

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