antlions build sand pits like these because they are an animal that eats ants in oklahoma

Ants, often regarded as pests, play a vital role in Oklahoma’s ecosystem. Interestingly, several native animals in the state have developed a taste for ants, making them an essential part of their diet. If ants are on top of your list of pest annoyances, think twice about wanting to get rid of some of these ant-eating creatures. They may provide a level of natural ant control without you even realizing it. So, what eat ants in Oklahoma? Read on to find out.

Which Species Eat Ants in Oklahoma?

  • Armadillos – Armadillos, commonly found in Oklahoma’s grasslands and forests, are skilled ant hunters. Equipped with sharp claws and a keen sense of smell, armadillos easily excavate ant nests. They feast on ant larvae and pupae, helping to regulate ant populations and maintain ecological balance in the region.
  • Woodpeckers and Nuthatches – Woodpeckers and nuthatches, prevalent bird species in Oklahoma, possess unique foraging abilities when it comes to ants. Their specialized beaks enable them to extract ants from tree bark and crevices effortlessly. By prying open ant nests and consuming the ants within, these birds contribute to controlling ant populations while providing a delightful sight for nature enthusiasts.
  • Antlions – Antlions, fascinating insects found throughout Oklahoma, employ a strategic approach to hunting ants. The antlion larva constructs cone-shaped pits in sandy areas, patiently waiting for unsuspecting ants to stumble into their trap. Once an ant falls into the pit, the antlion seizes the opportunity, using its sharp jaws to capture and devour its prey. This unique predator helps maintain ant populations and ecological equilibrium in sandy habitats.
  • RaccoonsKnown for their adaptability, raccoons have discovered a way to incorporate ants into their diet. These intelligent mammals overturn rocks and logs to uncover ant nests, using their nimble paws to extract and consume the ants they find. While raccoons have diverse dietary preferences, their appetite for ants contributes to controlling ant populations in various Oklahoma habitats.

Professional Ant Extermination Services

Oklahoma’s diverse ecosystem is home to a range of animals that rely on ants as a crucial food source. From armadillos to woodpeckers, these creatures play a significant role in maintaining a balanced ant population. However, in situations where ant infestations pose a threat to structures or encroach upon residential areas, professional ant extermination may be necessary. 

The professional ant exterminators at Arrow Exterminators, Inc have over 70 years of experience with pest control. As a leader in pest control in Oklahoma, we will work to keep you and your family safe from ant infestations with year-round protection. Contact us today to receive a free quote and start living your life, pest free!

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