Though many bugs and insects will seemingly disappear during the winter, there is one pest that makes itself more known indoors. As we have previously noted, rodents will make their way indoors before the cold weather hits to obtain warmth and food. With nearly 21 million homes affected by rodent invasion, winter pest control is more important than ever.

Rodents can cause many problems for homeowners. These destructive pests are well known for eating through electrical wiring and damaging wallboards to get around the inside of your home. With the threat of diseases that come with rodents, including Salmonella and Hantavirus, these prevention steps should be followed.

Food and Item Storage

One of the biggest draws for a rodent is the chance of easily obtained food. Cardboard boxes, such as cereal are easily eaten through by rodents, giving them an easy meal at any time. All food should be kept in airtight containers and moved from their original cardboard boxes whenever possible to avoid rodent tampering.

Block Entry

Rodents can squeeze through the smallest holes in your home. For this reason, it is important to seal any cracks around pipes or utilities that may exist. Homeowners should also replace any cracked or damaged weatherstripping around doors or windows to ensure all cracks are sealed.

Firewood Storage

Rodents are often found within wood piles and stored firewood is no exception. They often utilize the cracks and crevices of stacked wood for its insulation properties. All firewood should be stored at least 20 feet from a home with adequate space, up to 5 feet, of clearance from the ground.

Water Maintenance

During an Oklahoma winter, rain can still be seen regularly. Rodents rely on water sources to survive just like any other living creature. Ensure your guttering diverts the water away from your home adequately to prevent flooding or water retention that can be utilized by rodents.

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