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Crickets are insects that most people overlook as pests. However, when you’re trying to sleep and keep hearing a loud chirping through your window, you’ll know why these critters are considered a nuisance. Particularly now as the weather warms up, spring crickets are coming out of winter hiding and getting ready to reproduce. Since their distinctive chirping sound is a male’s mating call, keeping these pests out of your yard is a good way to get a full night’s rest. To keep your property cricket-free, follow these prevention tips from the experts at Arrow Exterminators, Inc.!

What Attracts Crickets to Your Yard? 

Crickets are located practically anywhere vegetation grows. Since your lawn and garden is full of food and shelter, it’s the perfect place for these insects to hide out. Crickets typically infest places that have:

  • Lots of grass and vegetation: Crickets dine on grass, leaves, grains, flowers, fruits, and vegetables. A grassy yard with lots of plants has everything they need to survive – including other insects that they may also scavenge. 
  • Easy access to food: Though crickets primarily eat plants and other insects, they may also eat human or pet food. If you have lots of outdoor barbecues or frequently leave pet food bowls out, crickets may stay nearby. 
  • Porch and street lights: Crickets may be nocturnal, but they are still drawn to artificial sources of light. Leaving your porch light on at night could invite them closer to your home.
  • Plenty of water: As with all insects, crickets need plenty of water to survive. Puddles, leaky pipes, and other moisture problems can create an insect oasis. 

Ways to Prevent Spring Crickets 

If you’ve ever been kept up at night by crickets, then you know just how persistent these pests are. Thankfully, there are a few tricks you can use to keep crickets farther from your home:

Manage Outdoor Light Sources 

Have crickets near your porch or windows? Turn off outdoor lights, or invest in motion-activated options that are off most of the night. Close your curtains to keep the pests from chirping underneath the windows while you have indoor lights on.

Reduce Moisture

While you can’t necessarily control precipitation and humidity levels everywhere on your property, it’s still possible to reduce moisture. Here are a few tips for eliminating water sources on your property:

  • Water the lawn early in the morning
  • Fix leaky faucets or broken pipes
  • Disrupt puddles and standing water
  • Wipe water out of sinks at night
  • Keep the toilet lid closed

Seal all Cracks and Crevices

Crickets screaming outdoors is annoying enough. The last thing you want is a stray cricket wandering into your home and keeping you up all night. Check your home for any potential entry points. Seal cracks and gaps along your foundation with caulk, and repair broken window or door screens. Since crickets can jump high distances, don’t just look around the ground level. 

Get Professional Pest Control

Struggling with crickets in your yard? Arrow Exterminators, Inc. has your back! Our technicians have accumulated over 70 years of experience and have gained extensive knowledge regarding pest seasonality and behaviors in Broken Arrow OK. To safeguard your home against pests that take advantage of varying weather conditions, we create customized plans that are tailored to your unique property. We also provide lawn insect and disease control to eliminate the source of your cricket infestation. If you want peace of mind knowing that your home is cricket-free all year long, give us a call to get your free quote!

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