Termites on wood in a garden

Growing vegetables can be a joy and a pain. Nothing beats the taste of homegrown produce, but nothing spoils it like pesky invaders. Termites are among the worst offenders. These tiny terrors can chew up your garden and leave you disappointed.

Termites are tiny pests that feed on wood and other organic matter. They live in massive colonies that can contain millions of individuals. They can chew through roots, tree bark, and the insides of fruit trees, leaving them to die or produce less fruit. Termites can also damage wooden structures in your garden, such as fences, trellises, raised beds, and compost bins.

Types of Termites in Broken Arrow OK

Termites are wood-eating insects that can damage homes and buildings. Oklahoma has three common types of termites: subterraneandrywood, and Formosan. They differ in their habitats, behaviors, and impacts. Subterranean termites are the most widespread, while Formosan termites are the most aggressive and invasive.

Termites are challenging to eliminate, especially outdoors. They can hide underground or inside wood, making them hard to detect and reach. They can also travel long distances through mud tubes that they build to protect themselves from predators and moisture loss. Termites can infest your garden without you noticing until it is too late. So how can you prevent termites from ruining your vegetable garden? 

How Termites Can Impact Your Landscape

Not only do termites devour wood, but they can also damage fruit trees’ roots, bark, and interiors. These destructive pests can silently gnaw away at your precious plants, causing irreversible damage. 

Termite Prevention Tips for Your Garden

To protect your garden from termites, follow these natural termite prevention steps:

  • Remove any wood, leaves, branches, or mulch that can lure termites and feed them.
  • Space your plants at least 18 inches away from the foundation of your home. 
  • If you have firewood, keep it far from your house and garden. Put it on a raised platform and cover it with a tarp. 
  • If you use wood for your garden structures, pick wood that termites do not like or use wood treated to repel termites.
  • Look for termite damage on your plants.

The Tricky Task of Termite Eradication

You can get rid of termites naturally with DIY solutions. However, these remedies can only offer temporary relief. They often fail to eradicate termites in your garden completely. That is where professional termite extermination services come to the rescue.

Why Professional Extermination Is the Best Way to Treat Termite Problems

Termites are persistent and resilient pests that can quickly rebuild their colonies and resume their destructive activities. Professional extermination is the best way to eradicate termites in your garden. Professional exterminators have the expertise, equipment, and products to identify, locate, and eliminate termites effectively.

Call the Termite Experts 

Arrow Exterminators Inc. is a family-owned and family-operated company that serves Oklahoma. They offer comprehensive pest control solutions for residential and commercial customers, including termite inspection, treatment, prevention, and warranty.

We use products that are eco-friendly and harmless to people, animals, and plants at Arrow Exterminators Inc. We also have trained and certified technicians who can handle any pest problem with professionalism and care. Our pest control services have a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Do not let termites ruin your vegetable garden. Contact Arrow Exterminators Inc. today for a free estimate and eliminate those pesky insects.

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