Snails and slugs are a known nuisance for anyone interested in in gardening because of their tendency to damage plants. However, when snails enter the home the level of aggravation can take on a whole new level. Most often slugs and snails will group together in moist areas within the home, such as basements.

Though slugs and snails will lay eggs during the spring and summer months, the presence of these animals can still be seen in the fall months. This is a critical time for eradication as snails and slugs will reach adulthood within a couple months. Given optimal conditions, these animals can survive for several years.

Effective snail and slug control relies on the removal of hiding places. Any components that can lead to a damp hiding place should be moved away from the home, including firewood and stones. Because slugs and snails rely on vegetation for sustenance, potted plants should be placed on racks or stands.

Because basements can become damp, the introduction of a dehumidifier will help keep slugs and snails from getting comfortable in these locations. It is also important to note that crawl space vents are prone to moisture retention and any attached vents should remain opened to provide air circulation.

The best long-term treatment methods include effective debris removal and moisture removal. However, some chemical and bait formulas have been effective in the removal of these pests. As with other pests, sealing cracks and holes will help limit the populations that make it indoors.

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