Ever had that creepy feeling of seeing something move out of the corner of your eye, only to suddenly realize that it really was a mouse scurrying for cover?  There’s a lot of that happening these days! Even people who haven’t had problems with mice or rats at other times of the year may have them now and in the months ahead.

These pests often move indoors with cool weather—a natural result of their wanting to live in the most suitable environment they can find.  It may be a great free deal for them, but it’s no fun for you, as they:

  1. Eat & contaminate your food.
  2. Damage wiring and insulation as they chew through and use it for nesting material.  Even worse, their chewing can cause electrical fires and additional damage.
  3. Transmit diseases. Some of the diseases associated with rats and fleas and mites from rats include Salmonella bacteria food poisoning, leptospirosis, plague, and rickettsialpox. Fortunately, the common house mouse isn’t a source of hantavirus, but deer mouse and certain other mice and rats are carriers. Rodents are also a source of allergens.
  4. Can cause rat-bite fever if they bite you.
  5. Cause embarrassment and are a nuisance.

These pests don’t go away on their own—in fact, the situation usually becomes worse if nothing is done about them because they can have a new brood of babies every 45 days! So, if you are having problems with mice or rats, call us today to control these troublesome pests.

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