More and more, licensed professionals that provide regular pest control services are being recognized for what we do every day, as “Protectors of Health”.

Why? Because our customers have far fewer encounters with biting and stinging pests, and the venom or diseases these pests may transmit. Fewer pests also means fewer germs are being spread around by pests crawling on food and food-preparation surfaces. This all means fewer illnesses for our customers and their pets. Hurray!

It also means fewer problems with asthma. The National Institutes of Health estimates that up to 15 million people in this country have allergic reactions to cockroaches. Also known to cause allergic reactions are rodents, fleas, and many other pests, especially when they are in high numbers in homes or apartments that have no regular pest control service.

Beyond these medical problems, many pests damage homes or household goods, and increase the need to clean more often because of their droppings, their bodies, egg cases and webbing.

The environment is also important to protect. Because of our training,experience, equipment, and the many professional lower-toxicity products we have in our arsenal, we get faster control, with less product used, than someone not licensed and trained. We also are experts at storing and disposing of pesticides in a safe manner, which means our customers don’t have to store pesticides in their home. This is a win-win situation for everyone, and for the environment.

Thank you for trusting us in this essential role! We are proud to have an important protective part in our customer’s lives.

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