It is not uncommon for homeowners or business owners to begin seeing molehills and evidence of these sneaky pests throughout the spring, summer and fall months. As the weather warms, the increased activity of moles leads to greater exposure for trapping by professional pest control specialists. Here are some of the ways you can spot mole activity in your yard this summer:

Signs of Moles

Moles are one of the worst possible pests that could stumble upon your property. The damage, and rate at which is it committed, make the prevention and removal of these pests more important than many homeowners think. Luckily, most moles will leave visual evidence of their presence that can easily be identified by homeowners.


One tell-tale sign of mole activity on your property is the presence of molehills. These mounds of loose dirt will often be formed as the mole digs or repairs an existing burrow. Active molehills are often utilized by pest control professionals to successfully trap these pests. Property owners can often rake over these mounds and watch for reemergence to determine if the molehill is still active.

Soft Spots

Because moles are constantly digging underneath the surface of your lawn, they will create soft spots that will collapse when weight is applied. This can cause potential problems if the area is stepped on, leading to injuries that could have otherwise been avoided. If there is mole activity around your home, it is important to be cautious of the potential soft spots in your yard.

Surface Tunnels

Depending on the weather conditions, some mole species will create surface tunnels along solid objects that they are unable to burrow through. In many cases, surface tunnels will be found when the soil is moist and worms and grubs are closer to the surface. As moles dig in search of these food sources, surface tunnels will likely become more apparent throughout your landscape.

Why Arrow Exterminators for Mole Control?

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