Fall is in full swing and until consistent freezing temperatures arrive, your pets may be in danger of picking up itchy travelers. While extended periods of freezing can kill fleas, they can survive on warm-blooded hosts like raccoons and other mammals. Aside from working with your veterinarian to provide your pet with a flea treatment, here are some ways homeowners can proactively protect their pets and home from infestation:

Keep Your Lawn Maintained

To keep fleas from infesting your home and latching onto your pets, it is important to maintain your lawn properly to remove potential problem areas. This means that grass, bushes and other potential hiding spots in your landscaping should be kept mowed or trimmed. This simple step can make your home and yard less hospitable to these blood-sucking pests.

Vacuum Regularly

If fleas happen to make their way inside your home, they will typically deposit their eggs into carpeting, baseboards and other concealed areas. To help keep the likelihood of infestation at bay, it is important to regularly vacuum your home to remove larvae and eggs that may be present. If you already have fleas inside of your home, dispose of the bag immediately.

Keep Pet Areas Clean

Because fleas are particularly fond of pets, it only makes sense that pet bedding and other areas that pets frequent are most likely to house these pests. For this reason, keeping pet bedding and other areas that your pet may frequent clean is pivotal for ensuring that your home and pets are protected from the threat of an infestation.

Removing Existing Infestations

If you are currently dealing with an existing flea infestation in your home, the expert flea control specialists at Arrow Exterminators are here to help! In some cases, your flea problem may be increased because of the presence of other pests, including rats and mice. Removing these pest populations is critical to maintaining a flea-free home.

Why Arrow Exterminators?

We know you work hard to keep your home, family and pets safe and we want to help you protect them from these disgusting, disease-carrying pests. Contact Arrow Exterminators and our flea control experts will help stop the itch. You can also reach out to us on social media for more pest prevention tips and tricks. We are on TwitterGoogle+ and Facebook.

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