Cockroaches are generally nocturnal insects, making detecting them in your home or business before it’s too late hard. With the ability to squeeze into the smallest cracks in your baseboards, appliances or other areas close to food or water sources, your home can easily become a veritable game of hide and seek for these hardy pests. Here are some of the common signs that cockroaches can leave behind signaling it’s time to call exterminators.

Cockroach Feces

Visible cockroach feces is often a tell-tale sign that your home has an infestation present. However, the feces left behind by roaches can vary greatly with smaller cockroach feces resembling black pepper or coffee grounds and larger species leaving larger cylindrical droppings. By observing the amount of droppings present, the scope of your infestation can often be determined.

Musty Odors

It is not uncommon for homes or businesses that are suffering from a roach infestation to have a distinct, musty odor. Often this is due to the release of oleic acid as dead cockroaches and their droppings begin to decompose. Even after an infestation has been treated, this smell may linger for a period as the feces and casings continue to break down.

Egg Casings

During an active infestation, homeowners or business owners can often find cockroach egg casings, or oothecae, behind appliances or in areas where they are unlikely to be disturbed. These oval-shaped egg casings may be intact as developing cockroaches continue to grow inside or empty following successful growth. Finding these existing egg casings can help determine where the largest populations of cockroaches may be in the structure.

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