With the weather finally warmer, you likely have seen an increase in the number of spiders in and around your home. While some may just be unintentional visitors, the presence of dangerous species in your home can sometimes be a cause for concern. In Oklahoma, two species of spider have become the most feared and unwanted in both commercial and residential settings.

Brown Recluse Spider

Among the most common venomous spiders in Oklahoma, the brown recluse spider is typically the most feared. This species is characterized by its long legs and darkened carapace marking in the shape of a violin. However, this isn’t always a tell-tale sign of whether the spider is indeed a brown recluse or other species.

The brown recluse spider is well known for its necrotic venom and the disturbing effect their bites can potentially have on individuals. However, treatment for brown recluse spider bites can often reverse any damage associated with their bite if treated early enough. Although it is possible that tissue damage may occur, this is generally only seen in severe cases when the bite is left untreated.

Black Widow Spider

The black widow is a well-known spider species that is often easily identified because of its glossy, black abdomen and red hourglass shaped marking. This appearance is only true for the female of the species. However, the female is the only one that can produce the venom that makes these spiders so feared while males are considered relatively harmless.

Though many fear the black widow is a lethal spider, they haven’t been responsible for a fatality in many years. In fact, the mortality rate associated with these spiders has fallen dramatically in recent years to well below 1%. In most cases, the female black widow spider will only inject a small amount of venom with each bite although it is still the most venomous spider found in North America.

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