In recent years, bed bug species have begun to develop a resistance to traditional chemical treatments and insecticides. Since these blood-sucking pests have shown up in the most unlikely places in recent years, innovative treatment options must be created. This need for superior pest control gave rise to Thermal Remediation® treatments.

What is Thermal Remediation®?

The Thermal Remediation® line of electric bed bug heat treatment equipment is manufactured and sold by TEMP-AIR, Inc to eliminate bugs that have become insecticide-resistant. By controlling the temperature of Thermal Remediation® thermostatically to not exceed 135°F, this insect control method is both safe and effective. For multifamily properties, residential customers, commercial customers or any other potential structure, Thermal Remediation® treatments are the most effective method of bed bug control.

How Does Thermal Remediation® Work?

Chemical treatments are becoming less and less effective on all life cycle stages of bed bugs. Although chemical treatments may kill some of the life stages of a bed bug, extreme temperatures are the only guaranteed treatment. With chemical treatments, it can often take more than one visit to eliminate existing bed bug populations; however, heat treatments with Thermal Remediation® will often remove an infestation in one visit.

Bed bugs and bed bug larvae are unable to survive in temperatures above 122°F. Because a Thermal Remediation® unit can safely reach these temperature levels, effective bed bug control can be achieved. If you are serious about removing the bed bugs from your home, Thermal Remediation® is your solution for a bed bug-free home without multiple service visits.

Why Choose Arrow Exterminators for Bed Bug Control?

Arrow Exterminators is the only company in Oklahoma using state of the art Thermal Remediation® technology which is proven to eradicate bed bugs. If you are ready to take control of your home back from these blood-sucking pests, call the bed bug eradication experts at Arrow Exterminators at 1 (800) 390-8626. You can always rely on our expert team to answer any questions about bed bugs, Thermal Remediation® and all your other pest control needs. We have a customer service oriented team ready and waiting to assist you any way they can.

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