Each year, ticks are responsible for the hospitalization, or sometimes death, of residents across the state of Oklahoma. In fact, the state currently holds the highest rates of three particular types of tickborne illnesses. In Oklahoma, the three main health risks associated with ticks are Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, Ehrlichiosis and Tularemia.

The risk for contracting a tickborne illness is greatest throughout the months of May to August. During this period, the weather remains consistently warm and allows ticks to remain active and attach to unsuspecting victims. In most cases, tickborne illnesses will require a two-week incubation period on average, making daily tick checks important during this season. Here are the common tickborne diseases to protect you and your family from this spring.

  • Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever – RMSF is a tickborne disease caused by Rickettsia rickettsii, a bacterium. In Oklahoma, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever is most commonly associated with the American dog tick. Other vectors include the brown dog tick, cayenne tick and wood tick.
  • Ehrlichiosis – Ehrlichiosis is used to describe several bacterial diseases that can be transmitted to humans by infected ticks. The most common vector of this type of tickborne disease is the Lonestar tick throughout the southeastern and south central the United States. During the warmer months, many cases of Ehrlichiosis are reported.
  • Tularemia – Tularemia is caused by exposure to the bacteria Francisella tularensis. These bacteria are commonly found in small mammals and other exotic animals and can be transmitted to humans through tick bites. In Oklahoma, the most common vectors are the dog tick and Lonestar tick.

Other less commonly found tickborne diseases include Lyme Disease, Southern Tick Associated Rash Illness and Heartland Virus. Though the risk for contracting these tickborne diseases is present, our region is less likely to be susceptible to exposure. It is important to take all precautions necessary to keep yourself protected from the bites of these potentially dangerous pests.

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