Common Pests that Invade the Home During the Winter Season When winter weather arrives, some pests go into hibernation while others enter homes seeking warmth and food sources. The National Pest Management Association encourages homeowners to take several precautions against common winter pests like mice, rats, raccoons, cockroaches and spiders. Follow this guide of quick […]

Common Chickweed Photo Courtesy of Bob Mann Stellaria media Chickweed is a low growing, mat-forming winter annual with numerous branched stems. This weed disappears in the heat. Leaves are opposite, smooth, oval to broadly elliptical in their shape. Upper leaves are often without petiole; lower leaves with a sparsely hairy long petiole. Stems have vertical lines […]

Years of turf traffic, foraging critters like moles and gophers, summer heat/winter cold, lawn clippings and thatch can wreak havoc on your turf. We offer core aeration that will remove small plugs of soil–as opposed to many other companies that simply spike into the ground. The type of aeration equipment used is very important and […]

Published Oct. 2016|Id: EPP-7305 By Hal C. Reed, Richard Grantham, Russell Wright Introduction Most people have had an unforgettably painful experience with stinging insects so that the sight of such an insect causes fear. However, only a few of the 35,000 species of bees and wasps can inflict a sting painful to man. Many stinging […]

Subterranean termites mainly live underground or in protected areas such as galleries in wood. At a minimum there is always one queen, and many more “secondary reproductives” that are usually present. Most people never see a queen, but may see swarmers or workers.   Winged Subterranean Termite Swarmer (photo courtesy of Oklahoma State Extension) . […]

Elizabeth McCauley and Shira Polan Feb 1, 2020, 12:15 PM   Watch the full video here: What’s Inside An Anthill? When you look at a fire ants’ mound, it’s hard to believe up to 250,000 ants call it home. But it turns out, that mound is actually just the top of an enormous underground structure —the nest. The nest contains a […]

Month-long observance by the Professional Pest Management Alliance brings critical awareness to pests as a public health issue and the essential services of professional pest control The Professional Pest Management Alliance (PPMA), which serves as the consumer marketing and public outreach arm of the National Pest Management Association (NPMA), recognizes National Pest Management Month each […]

Dr. Jorge Parada  March 6, 2020 There are many questions surrounding the novel coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19), including how it’s spread. With warm weather approaching, there may be concerns about disease transmission from insects, but it’s important to note that coronavirus is not spread by vector pests. While the best and most up-to-date resource for information […]

Oh Rats! Oh Mice!!     As the weather begins to cool during the fall months, rats and mice start moving indoors in larger numbers, looking for food and dry protected shelter. We receive calls for rodent control throughout the year, but these pests cause far more problems now and during the months ahead than […]

Plan Now To Combat Spring Weeds! August 27, 2019 by Farrah L. Fulps “Always plan ahead. It wasn’t raining when Noah built the ark.” -Richard Cushing   Did you know with proper planning NOW, you can start the spring without those so familiar early spring weeds?                 The weather forecasts this week show the next […]

Posted on October 29, 2019 by Farrah L. Fulps   It is almost Halloween, and while we don’t know exactly for sure why spiders are associated with Halloween, we definitely know they are taking up residence in Oklahoma homes right now. Just for fun we posted onto social media a collection of the most common […]

During a two year period in Baltimore, most of the mosquitos trapped were either Asian tiger mosquitoes that transmit West Nile, Zika, encephalitis, and denuge fever, or Culex mosquitos that transmit West Nile virus. A DNA analysis of the blood engorged female mosquitos found that, surprisingly, that rats the most common meal of the Asian […]